Sandbach Striders

A big well-done to all participants in this year's Club Relay event! 46 Striders took part in the run in total, with another five marshalling and helping!
Sandbach Striders Club Relay 2016
As is usual with this event, every attempt is made to make the teams as equal as possible - a very tricky task given we don't know who will attend on the evening. 

Typically we didn't have the right number of Striders to make a full complement of four member teams and so we had to have a two member team to make the numbers up.

The full results were as follows (team captain in bold):


Cheryl, Martin, Jane, Emma

 2nd place

Andrew, Rick, Duncan, Catherine

3rd place

Terry, Elaine

4th Place

Darren, Lou, June, Denise

5th Place

Steve T, Deb, David, Jane

6th place

Tim, Tracy A, Helen, Janet

7th place

Steve F, Clare D, Matt J, Cate

8th place

Scott, Kev, Julia, Louise

9th place

Tom, Karen W, Jo A, James B

10th place

Steve B, Jo B, Amy, Lorna

11th place

John, Jaynie, Lucy, Grant

Wooden spoon! (well somebody has to :-) )

Karen L, Craig, Alice, Lee

Big thanks must also go to Moe, Lindsay, Hannah and Martin (and Zoe) who all gave up their time tonight to keep everyone safe by marshalling the event. Because without Striders like them, nights like tonight, could not go ahead.

This is the first of four summer special events we run each year. 

The remaining events are:

June 15, Club 10k

Tonight we will be running the Sandbach 10k route as a race for all club members. You can use this event to try and set a new personal best time, as a measure of your own progress or just treat it as a normal club run! Prizes, drinks, snacks and hopefully lots of laughs and of course the opportunity to shine!

July 13, Predictathon

Tonight we will be running the Sandbach 10k route. There is however one difference to normal! Before the race starts everyone will submit a secret prediction of their finish time. All timing and electronic devices such as watches, GPS systems, mobile phones, MP3 players etc are strictly prohibited. in the race. The winner will be that Strider who finishes closest to their predicted time. There will be prizes, drinks and snacks. It is the race anyone can win!

September 7, Club Handicap

Starting and finishing at the club makes the route around 11k. Every Striders is given a handicap time which determines how long you have to wait before your race starts. In theory everyone should finish at approximately the same time. There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female finishers, drinks and cake will be on hand for everyone afterwards too. This is another race that anyone can win!