Sandbach Striders

It was one of those days when you couldn't decide what to wear. The ambient temperature was mild but there was a strong, cold wind. I went armed with virtually every clothing combination.

This was a new event run by the same organiser as the Monsal Trail half (that gets rave reviews). There wasn't much information on the route available (footwear uncertainty adding to the clothing conundrum) other than an assumption that it would be a circuit of the lake.

It was, but there was also a second half lap, at which point you turned back and retraced your steps to the finish. That did seem a bit odd, given that 2 complete laps would have been roughly the right distance.

The whole course was off road, on generally firm tracks with a few muddy downhill bits. The surface was good, so you could get your head up and admire the views across the lake. The section crossing the dam was particularly memorable although very exposed!

It certainly was undulating. No long hills, but the ups and downs came in quick succession and got my legs burning.

I fared reasonably well. I was still feeling last weeks half in my legs, so it took me a long while to get going. I could see Gordon ahead of me all the way round but never had the energy to catch him.

There were also rare outings for Jill, Chris and Elaine, getting themselves back in shape for fell running. The full results are as follows:

01:34:10Martin Coleman
01:46:08Gordon Hutchins
01:48:30Tom Mayell
02:04:52Cheryl Hutchins
02:06:28Chris Brumby
02:08:40Elaine Tatham
02:12:08Jill Young