Sandbach Striders

The Sandbach 10k is in it's 12th year, and we have a new route for 2017 incorporating the old route, but providing an all road race

The route is based in Bradwall, just outside of Sandbach, and the HQ for the Sandbach 10k is located at Bradwall village hall

The course starts towards the Bradwall Road end of Pillar Box Lane, heads out away from Bradwall Road and bends left onto Ward's Lane, before turning left onto Walnut Tree Lane

At the end of Walnut Tree Lane, you turn right onto Bradwall Road, just before the 2 kilometer point. Continue along Bradwall Road, straight past the junctions of Jones's Lane, and Wood Lane, which takes you to the 3 kilometer point. The course then follows the traditional loop of the Sandbach 10k (where in the past, you joined from Wood Lane

Continue along the road where it will dip and go slightly to the right over a small bridge over a brook. This is appoximately the half way point. The course continues slightly right past the Kinderton Park, where the road changes to Cledford Lane

You pass the junction of Cleford Lane to Middlewich on the left, but stay straight where you go round to the right. Continue along Cledford lane until you come to a T junction and turn right onto Jones's Lane.

This is just before the 7 kilometer point, and you continue down Jones's Lane passing the 8 kilometer point

At the end of the road you will be back to the junction with Bradwall Road, where you turn left to head back towards the finish line at Bradwall Village Hall

The final part takes you over a bridge before a good straight finish past Walnut Tree lane and over the finishing line on the road just before the hall

Google maps version of the route