Sandbach Striders

The Sandbach 10k Route (first used in 2022)

The route is based and HQ'd at the Rugby Club just outside of Sandbach,

Starting from in front of the Rugby Club clubhouse there are 300m of a dirt path between the rugby pitches, before turning right onto Bardwall Road. From here it is all road

Turning right onto and around Pillar Box lane, onto Wards, we now have modified the route slightly to have an out and back over the M6 motoway, on the return turning right onto Walnut Tree, this is to remove the laps of the field at the end of the race

At the end Walnut Tree, we turn right back onto Bradwall Road to the cross roads of Jones' and Wood Lane.

Turning left into Wood Lane, we head back into Sandbach once Cookesmere.

Getting back close to the town, we turn left twice heading back to the Rugby Club.

Turning right back into the club the finish line is now only 100m away, where we can rest, relax and get a drink!

Google maps version of the route